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Treq-L rejects booting
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Author:  ackllr [ Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Treq-L rejects booting

Hi all!

I had some problems while testing the Treq-L device:

I was debugging and suddenly the device didn´t react to the deployment command which I iniciated at my developing PC in Visual Studio, eventhough the connection was stable (also confirmed by Visual Studio connection manager). After doing a hard reset the device now doesn´t start again.

I checked the power supply with one of our electrical engineers. Even inside the device we could not find a strange behavior until the switching regulators (which distrubte the power to the several parts of the circuit board.) we had around 14 Volts. For the logics after the regulators we measured around 2.8 Volts but we don´t know what the board needs in this parts. After testing we got the impression that the power supply seems to be okay and maybe it is more a software/booting problem. Maybe we have to reset or update the bootloader somehow (i.e. by taking the flash-card and copying an update on the same through another machine?) Or do you know another way to reset / repair the booting options.

I would be very glad if someone can help us, because we have to completely stop the testings on the device, if it is not accesible. On the M-4 I have the problem that I cannot debug that easy, through the WLAN Stick (no drivers for the treq-M4?). As we work with an external third device (for GPS and GSM communication) using an emulator is also not the best option for testing our software.

Thank you very much!
With best regards
Albert K.

Author:  ackllr [ Fri Dec 04, 2009 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Treq-L rejects booting

Problem solved:

have to Update/Reset WindowsCe after a Software crash (if device doesnt react even with power supply)

1. open the treq-l device (be aware: waranty will be lost!)
2. take out the Flash-CF-Memory Card
3. connect the card via card-reader to the PC
4. copy the file "NK.bin" (contained in the WinCE Image for Treq-L which you can get from QSI support) to the root of the flashcard.
5. put the card back to the device, close it and restart

=> :mrgreen:

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