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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:34 am 

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Dear sir,

I have made a Qlarity application on QTERM-G55 which receives and transmits data on COM1 using RS-485.

I want to receive the data transmitted from the QTERM-G55 at proper time intervals (within 100 ms of transmitting data to it).

However, keypadtranslatorV2 moves when the key is operated, I am receiving data at around 200 to more.
Instead of within 100 ms after transmitting data to QTERM-G55,

Then, is there a method of raising the priority of serial communications more than the key operation to suppress serial communications to 100ms or less?

I hope I have explained my situation ok with this, I can clarify further if needed.



PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:04 am 
QSI Support
QSI Support
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I am not sure I fully understood your question.

You mention that you wish your remote device to receive some data within 100 ms, but I am not really sure to what you are talking about

  • A 100 ms interval timer on the G55?
  • Within 100 ms of pressing a key?
  • Withing 100 ms of the G55 receiving data on the serial port?

I am also not quite sure what you mean by "keypadtranslatorV2 moves when the key is operated" The keypadtranslatorV2 object is not a drawable object and cannot move in the sense that I understand the word.

I am going to try and offer some general advice that may be relevant to your problem. With more information I can probably provide better advice.

The QTERM-G55 is not a real time device. While there are a number of optimizations you can apply to the unit, it is not possible to guarantee response times to any input. Even if you get performance to where you would like to see, you cannot rule out the possibility that under some conditions (possibly unforeseen) the unit will take longer to respond. If a real time response guarantee is needed, you should probably investigate a real-time embedded device instead of a Qlarity terminal like the G55.

The G55 is an event driven device. The Qlarity code running on the device operates as a single thread. Qlarity events are intended to execute quickly and be done until the next event. However, all events operate at the same priority (except drawing, which is a lower priority). In no case will one event interrupt another event (including drawing).

The QTERM-G58 is a terminal with the same form factor as the G55 and executes the same Qlarity code (your Qlarity workspace will run on the G58 unchanged). However, the CPU on the G58 is significantly more powerful and may make your program more responsive. The cost difference between the G55 and G58 is fairly small (depending on the options needed, the G58 may even be less expensive than the G55)

Finally there are many possible changes to your Qlarity application that could be implemented to improve speed and responsiveness. However, without more information I cannot provide assistance.

I would also be interested to know what kind of profiling you have performed to determine that the KeypadTranslator is what is delaying your processing.


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