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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 2:22 pm 
QSI Support
QSI Support
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A new Qlarity Foundry Beta is available at Get version 2.56 Test 3 (or newer, if available).

This contains a number of enhancements that some of you will enjoy.

This includes:

* Regular Expression Searches in code
* The MRU (most recently used) file list is expanded to 700. File filters work there to focus the results to the files you want.
* The docking toolbars and panels have been completely overhauled. You can now pin auto-hide windows to the side of your QF window as well as tab dock them (like Visual Studio). This change is largely in preparation to add several more windows for Simulation View to increase the amount of our hardware than can be simulated (I was running out of room to add new windows in Sim View).
* Most non-template Icons are now in 32 bit color with Alpha blending (Ok, I am probably the only one who cares about that, but some of the 4 bit color ones were really looking dated). Most remaining icons are planned to receive an update.
*Misc bar was removed. Replace with a toolbar that fills the same function.
*Auto save backups are finally here. Any time you compile your workspace (i.e. whenever you go to Sim View or Layout View) a backup is made. If QF closes without you performing a normal save, it will ask you if you want to restore the backup next time you open QF.
*About box was redone. If you need to enter a password, click the Q in the Qlarity logo.
*Fixed several issues with the various file open/file save dialogs in QF that could cause some odd things to happen with filenames and/or the filters getting stuck on odd places.
*Completely reworked the code used to change Views (i.e. from Code View to Simulation View). This seems to have eliminated the occasional lockups or crashes that happened when changing views. PLEASE let me know if you do get a crash there -- especially if you are able to repeat it.
* In Simulation View, if an exception occurs outside a Check Error/On Error block, Sim View will immediately pause as if you had hit a breakpoint. This will allow you to investigate the error including the call stack and local variables when the error happens instead of at some future point. (This feature can be turned off).
* _ClearException now clears ALL exceptions in the queue instead of only the first one.
* Marking a block of code as sample will no longer work if the code section is read only.
* Fixed an error when drag-and-dropping a workspace into QF that didn't contain any object instances or templates.


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